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My stay at Christine's
Alpenglow Cabin

On a whim, I decided to take one of my dear friends on a road trip from Denver CO. to visit Christine's epic Alpenglow Cabin in the Rockies. The drive in was absolutely breathtaking. We were dwarfed by the majestic snow capped peaks as we made our way 10,000 ft above sea level to "the cabin with the BEST mountain view". I don't know how she did it, but walking into Alpenglow is just as magnificent as the view.

About 20 minutes before we arrived, we drove through some "pull the car over, we need to take a picture!" scenery.  We found ourselves overlooking Twin Lakes, which commands your attention with it's sky high ranges.  This was quite the intro to Alpenglow.


As we made our way up the driveway, I instantly recognized the front deck with the very inviting hot tub.  We had arrived.  I took a moment to take in La Plata (the majestic peak Alpenglow faces) before heading inside. Now the next part may sound like it's made up, like it's too perfect to be real, but as I looked around the pine wildness before stepping inside, a friendly fox was there to say hello (yes, I caught it on camera). As I made my way in, I was immediately struck by the Alpenglow's airy coziness.  The open concept living area and high warm wood ceilings is quite the match for the impressive mountain across the way.

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this was our "stop the car!" moment.

After taking a bit of a closer look, I discovered all of the thoughtful details Christine had added to make her guests feel relaxed and at ease. From locally made teas and candles, to artisan soaps and cotton robes, no opportunity had been missed. We were so excited to find a breakfast basket, which was also sourced by a local farmer just down the road. Fresh eggs, bacon, english muffins, preserves made our mornings here so easy - as it isn't easy to step out for a quick breaky near by. Christine also gave us a bottle of champagne (it was really good, I'll have to ask her where she bought it from) to help us cheers to the moment.

I've always loved an open concept living area. It's so nice to be able to have everyone all in one place. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you would need to create an elaborate dinner. All of the comforts from home are there, including a dishwasher - who wants to wash dishes on vacation? 

The cabin can accommodate up to six people. There are three queen size bedrooms with the master on the main floor complete with ensuite bathroom. All the bathrooms have been recently updated and provide a rejuvenating experience.  One thing that I really did appreciate was the use of warm lights at Alpenglow. This simple instalment makes a noticeable difference to any space. For Alpenglow, it just adds to the warm ambiance.

Now the bed. It is the most important feature of any accommodation. I'm sure you won't be surprise when I tell you that Alpenglow delivers here too. Each bed in complete with a heavy duvet, soft white sheets, comfortable mattress, and supportive, yet soft pillows. 

Messages of love, wellness, and inspiration can be found through-out Alpenglow. As an author herself, Christine shares her collection well loved books to help inspire you to live with presence and appreciation. The living room with the leather couch and olive green accent chairs is the perfect setting for sitting back and getting into a good book. Of course, building a fire using the wood-burning stove is enough to send you into a delicious mid-day nap.

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Come away with me

Alright, let's step outside. Just off the kitchen you'll find the door to the outdoor patio complete with BBQ, large dining table with warm glowy string lights hung above, two iconic Adirondack chairs and... the hot tub. I made it my mission to hop into my bathing suit so I could get a front row seat to the beautiful giant before me. It was magical. It just was. 


 Okay, time for a tour with me

After getting acquainted with Alpenglow, it was time to explore the other surprises the area had to offer. Christine suggested hiking the Interlaken Trail which was about a 20 minute drive away from the cabin. The beaten down path traced the glacier lakes that we had passed driving in. I spent the afternoon breathing in the fresh pine air as I made my way to the historical Interlaken Hotel - an abandoned resort for the wealthy in the 1800s. The views were breathtaking.


Hiking in
the Rockies


In the evening, we ventured into the small town of Buena Vista for live music, great food, and good company. 

If you happen to spend more than two nights at Alpenglow, Christine can give you a list of places to explore.  We took one of her suggestions and visited Surf Hotel in Buena Vista. On Monday night's you'll find live music, delicious food, and cocktails. It's worth the drive!

To top it all off, literally, the morning of our departure, we woke up to snow. A soft white blanket covered everything in sight. It was a beautiful welcomed send off from a wonderful stay at Alpenglow. 


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I'd like to take the opportunity to recognize the hard work Christine and her family (husband, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law) have put in to make Alpenglow what it is today - a magical place for others to breathe in. After spending time here, I have found a deeper appreciation for all they did to make it a one of a kind experience for their guests. They really are the perfect hosts to a perfect mountain cabin.

Thank you so much for having me. 

With love, 


Samantha Pike 

Founder of The Hosting Société

Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Christine.

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Photos by Lucy Beaugard

For more video highlights of my experience at Alpenglow and beyond, visit the Alpenglow Highlight on our Instagram.

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