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Our stay at Amanda's 
Bask at
Loves Bay

It was like something out of a storybook. We made our way inside the sublimely designed coastal home towards the deck to get a better look at the view. The hills were dotted with grazing cows, the surf was launching up the earthy cliffs, and then a train passed by and then vanished through the grassy hillside tunnel. Was this really real, or a dream?

Before arriving at Bask at Loves Bay, we stopped at Carrington Falls (scroll down for photo), just outside Jamberoo. If you can pass through, I'd highly recommend it. Jamberoo looks more like a painting than a real place. It offers rolling green hills with pasturing cattle and horses and glimpses of the sapphire coast line - quite the entrance for our stay in the coastal town of Kiama. 

Arriving - it's always the best part isn't it? You know you are about to unveil something magical just for you. We walked down the lush footpath towards the front door and made our way inside to find a grand kitchen overlooking the spectacular escarpment below. 

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The fresh clean and bright kitchen is complete with all the modern amenities you need to enjoy a fabulous weekend with friends and family. Bask can easily look after a group of your closest loved ones. The home has four bedrooms and can sleep eight guests. 

It was really fun exploring Bask's layout - it's a bit quirky with multiple layers, spiral staircases, and surprising lookouts. You'll also notice the telephone poles used as supports throughout the house, which totally fit right in with it's beachy vibe

Just down from the kitchen, you'll find the sunken in stylish living room with panoramic views of the alluring rocky coastline. White sofas, bold prints, and organic dried jute bring this quiet seaside room together. If you are looking for more entertainment, there is another living room with a flatscreen that also boasts incredible views of the Loves Bay. All the rooms at Bask are adorned in this way - with thoughtful and tasteful detail.

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After getting a lay of the land, I decided to hop in the large tub for a relaxing soak before dinner. As I was settling in, my husband knocked on the door and said Amanda had sent us a welcome package! It was a delicious charcuterie board, perfect for a night in. We knew we weren't going anywhere on our first night here - this really sealed the deal.

This was our room for two nights. We drifted off to sleep listening the the waves crashing below after an evening spent admiring the pastel pink sunset over the ocean. 

Amanda has created such a wonderful escape for her guests. Bask is playful, cheerful, and luxurious. Her style is very well balanced as it celebrates the coastal look without going overboard (no pun intended) on the nautical aesthetic, which can be tricky to pull off.


Amanda has accomplished this with her use of organic materials, natural woods, playful patterns, and neutral palettes. She has also selected high quality soaps, towels, and linens for her guest to enjoy while they Bask at Loves Bay. It really was a treat to be her guest. 

If you would like a full tour of Bask, take a look here. Or if you'd prefer a quick visit, check this out

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We couldn't get enough of the coastline, so decided to go for a drive through some coastal towns during the day. We headed for Sea Cliff Bridge for this epic view - about an hour away from Bask.


There were plenty of restaurants nearby, but it was a Saturday and the lines were quite long, so we decided to go back to Kiama for a bite at The Hungry Monkey - a really fun and tasty burger joint. 


After we had our fill, we decided to do a coastal walk. There's a footpath the runs along the front of the house which takes you along the coast line. If you look really closely at the photo above, you'll see Amanda's Bask and the train tracks that run through the hillside. 


We really enjoyed our stay with Amanda at Bask At Loves Bay. It was so nice to witness this breathtaking property for myself. As you know, the photos never do it justice.

And now it's your turn! I can't wait to see who else swaps with Amanda. You are in for quite a treat!

Thank you so much for taking care of us Amanda!

I hope we come back soon.

Sam and Nick.


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Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Amanda - no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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