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Our stay at Karen's
Beach Shack

As we were getting closer to the coastline, the sun was just starting to set over rolling sheep dotted hills. We pulled into the driveway of our retro beach shack - I knew we had made it when I saw the iconic bright turquoise sliding.

We started in Hobart and set our GPS north for the three and a half hour drive to Drift Beach Shack in Weymouth Tasmania. The drive to the north coast was stunning; rugged, wild and untouched.

By this time, the sun had left and the home was quiet. We opened the large glass door to a spacious living room, dining room, and kitchen. The warm wooden floor boards, glow of the tangled nest light, and fire place had us settled in no time. I got busy with cooking supper in the kitchen while Nick popped a record on. We'd officially been transported.


We found our Queen size room, complete with coastal neutrals, dried jute rugs, vintage photo's of days on the beach, and a heavy duvet with linen sheets, just off the living room. I couldn't wait to see what gifts Drift would bring in the daylight.

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The next morning, we awoke to a sun filled room - colours, style, and textures seemed to pop out to say g'day. We also had a lovely visit from Karen, who welcomed us with some straight out-of-the oven Anzac cookies and a freshly baked loaf of bread. Oh my goodness! They were so good! 

We spent the morning exchanging stories about travel and learning more about her beloved Drift - which she has cared for with her husband for almost a decade now. 

There's something magical about Drift. It makes you want to twist again on the original timber floors with a record on and a fresh gin cocktail. It must be the retro baking jars in the kitchen, hanging wooden fishing reels, painted water skies and sun hats, which say "hey...remember when everything was just fun!?"  

I love what Karen has created with Drift Beach Shack. She has brought life back to this once forgotten shack by paying tribute to it's early vinyl spinning days. She has effortlessly balanced relaxed neutral coastal tones with bold prints and electric colours to inspire guests to chill and have a good time. 

For a full tour of Drift Beach Shack, have a look here. Or if you'd prefer a sneak peek, this one will do the trick

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After our slow morning spent at Drift, we ventured off to the seaside town of Bridport for a bite to eat and interesting sips at Bridport Distillery Co - try their lavender gin cocktail! 

After grabbing a light lunch, we headed to another spot Karen has suggested - Delamere Winery for an OUTSTANDING wine tasting - just 15 minutes from Drift. We sat next to the vines and kookaburras as we sipped Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with our winery guide. Seriously, worth a visit.

Karen, thank you so much for hosting us! We really enjoyed our stay at Drift Beach Shack. 


Samantha and my love, Nick

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