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Our stay at Kym's

Dunrana had always intrigued me. I was captivated as soon as I saw the monochromatic bedroom with the rumpled bedding and bold florals. There's really only one word to describe it - iconic. 

Dunrana offers many surprises behind the front door. First, I didn't really realize how charming and interesting she really was. As a heritage home in the antique town of Bowral, Dunrana maintains the stories she has to share. For example, the main light switches in some of the rooms are pull cords, the windows still have their handmade arched frames, the iron doorknobs sit lower on their entries, and the fireplaces haven't been changed since they were first built, brick by brick. 

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One of the first things I did when I walked in was find that iconic bedroom we'd be sleeping in. I was soo excited to find out that THIS was our ensuite bath. It didn't take me long to jump in for a soak after our long day of exploring The Great Diving Ranges - more on that coming up. This clawfoot tub is a dream! 

Another feature that really surprised me was how BIG Dunrana is. I'm a little new to heritage Australian home design, but judging by the few that I've seen, it seems common to have an entry door sitting on a veranda with a long straight hallway directing you to all the rooms in the house. This style adds so much intrigue and curiosity for the first impression. The house almost teases you with a "come in and see what's at the end!" Dunrana has this effect.

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Along the wooden plank corridor you'll find four large bedrooms, a mudroom/laundry room, a bathroom with walking shower, a warm outdoor enclosed sitting area, and - at the very end - lies the grand kitchen, dining, and living room with high ceilings and all the natural light. 

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Everything Kym has selected and placed for this home is perfect. Her eye for the brilliant combination of woods, florals, ornate objects, and textures brings a modern touch to this historic home. She's also filled the home with kind words, messages and images for inspiration. It really is a work of art. 

We spent a lot of time in this room. On our last night here, we cozied up to the fire, ordered takeout (or take away in Aussie), and marvelled at the beauty that surrounded us. 

For a full tour of Dunrana, have a look here. Or, if you'd like a quick sneak peek take a look here

After a lazy morning at Dunrana, we took a fifteen minute stroll through Bowral down to Harry's on Green Lane. I think mesmerized is the perfect way to describe walking into this treasure trove. There is so much to admire and take in in this one of a kind restaurant. The food is equally delicious. We had potato and leek soup, pumpkin arancini, and crab linguine. It was delightful!

Just across the laneway, is Dirty Jane's - the famous antique shop - you can easily get lost in here. Seriously worth a visit! 

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My bold and daring husband.

The morning we left Dunrana we stopped into The Press Shop for some breakfast before heading to our next stop on our Signature Tour. Again, this café did not disappoint. We had eggs benny of course with lattes - oh my goodness, it was sooo good!

As I mentioned above, we stopped at the Kanangra-Boyd National Park in the Great Dividing Ranges. It is a bit of a hike to get there and is about a three hour drive away from Dunrana. If you are feeling adventurous and brave, you can witness these striking views. 

We really enjoyed our stay with Kym at Dunrana Bowral. It was so nice to finally meet the place I've been dreaming about for some time now.

And now it's your turn! I can't wait to see who else swaps with Kym. You are in for quite a treat!

Thank you so much for taking care of us Kym! I hope we come back soon.

Sam and Nick.


Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Kym - no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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