How To Swap

Host to Host Exclusive is a private community within our larger network

for vetted hosts to swap their places for their own vacations.

How you swap is up to you!


Cost for Cost

Let's say that you charge $400 per night and the place you are interested in charges $800 - you could agree to swap cost for cost. You could stay at their place for two nights and they could stay at your place for four. Perhaps they stay all at once or maybe they decide to spread out their stay with you.

Pay for Cleaning

You could agree to only pay for each other's cleaning fees, that way no one is out of pocket.


Provide a Discount

You are welcome to negotiate a price that you feel comfortable with. You don't have to swap for free entirely - you can offer a healthy discount instead.

Promote Each Other

You both have audiences that are dying to stay at your place. And I'm sure that they would love to see where you choose to spend your vacations. You can agree to promote each other's spaces to increase more bookings for each other in the future. 


Swap at Different Times

Since you likely don't live at your rental, you have the opportunity to swap when it's convenient for you. You don't have to  synch up schedules -

Swap when it suits both of your schedules.  

Pro Tip: We highly recommend collecting a deposit to ensure the swap