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Our stay at
Cave Beach

What a beautiful way to start the Signature Tour! Sheri went over and above to make us feel welcome and cozy. Here all are the juicy details.

It took us about two and half hours to drive north from the Sydney airport to arrive at Kove Caves Beach's front door. We had a little trouble with our GPS, so it may even be a shorter drive if you are coming from Sydney.

I love arriving at dusk - it's always a perfect first impression for a guest.


We were greeted with a pale pink and purple sky with a full paper moon, as we took our first steps inside Kove Caves Beach. We sensed the beach wasn't too far as we caught glimpses of the crashing waves when we turned into the driveway. 


As soon as you enter, you'll notice the iconic kitchen dining table and large wicker pendant light. I love this moment. Those first glimpses are always full of surprises. As we walked further in, my goodness! Sheri had welcomed us with a beautiful array of goodies for our stay - wine, cheese, gourmet crackers, sparkling water, chocolates, breakfast nibbles, and a beautiful handwritten card. Over and beyond.

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Our next mission was to find our bedroom. It really wasn't difficult. The master is located on the first floor - complete with walk in closet and an ensuite full bathroom. UGH. This bed was sooo cozy. Yes, it is as cozy as it looks!

One thing that really surprised me about Kove Caves Beach was how big it was! Wow! This modern day beach home has three floors. On the main floor, you'll find the master bedroom, a powder room, laundry room, kitchen, dining, and spacious living room with fireplace. Upstairs, you'll find another spacious living area.


This really feels like the perfect place to have a movie night - which we did! We created a beautiful cheese board - courtesy of Sheri - and cozied up on the extra large sofa with a wooly blanket. 

And finally, on the bottom floor, you'll find two bedrooms - one queen and the other with two singles. This really is a perfect beach home for families.

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Sheri has created an incredibly beautiful coastal inspired home for her guests. It can be a little difficult to create a non-themey (yes, I just made up that word) beach home. You know the ones with seashell lamps, "welcome to the beach" signs, turquoise blue throw pillows, etc. It's too on the nose and feels ironically inauthentic. That didn't happen here.


To create a natural sense of warmth and authenticity, Sheri has brought in natural textures. Washed linens, rounded rustic woods, jute rugs, and fresh greenery bring balance to the modern blend of art and straight lines and create an effortless updated relaxed look. Her style is minimalistic, natural, and comfortable. To get a better idea, have a look at the Reel I created during our stay. Or...take the live tour!

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my husband Nick captured this beauty

I'm not going to lie - sometimes it can be challenging to leave these types of spaces to venture out to see what else is around. Sheri has created a destination in itself - it's easy to forget that there are other places around worth seeing. 

One of the places Sheri recommended was a short walk to Caves Coastal restaurant. Wow! It was so good. The food was fresh and delicious. I had their seafood fettuccine and my husband Nick had classic bangers and mash. We were happy to learn that they are open 365 days a year - we're never too sure on a Tuesday/Wednesday night during a slower tourist season. 

After our seaside lunch, we went for a walk down the beach to find the caves.


Yes, Caves Beach actually refers to caves which can be explored easily by foot. We happened to visit during a quieter time of year, in June, but I imagine this beach can become a little busy in the Aussie summer, December-March. We had most of this fine sand and deep blue water coast all to ourselves. :)


And we found the cave at the end of the beach, about a 20 minute walk from the Caves Coastal restaurant. You can go right inside and duck through passageways for other views of the ocean. It's not too scary - even if you are a little claustrophobic. 

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and this one

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Our two night stay with Sheri and her @kovecavesbeach was outstanding. We had a wonderful time and are so happy to share our experience with others. Sheri has a wealth of knowledge of the area and is happy to support you during your stay. This is a must visit. This is a must swap.

Thank you Sheri for taking such great care of us!


Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Sheri- no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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