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Our stay at Melissa's
Lazy Prospector

Unknowingly, we did it the smart way. We pulled into the driveway next to the open landscape with tangled grasslands of Zeehan and walked towards the back. Bam! The Lazy Prospector's porch greets you with a striking outdoor dining room and suspended couch covered in pillows and blankets that overlooked the rough and wild fields and peaks of Tasmania. G'day Lazy Prospector!

I so badly wanted to drop my bags and have a seat on the porch swing, but before we settled in, we took a closer look at what our back-country cabin had to share with us. 

We walked in to find a large sofa with a very friendly wood stove - it was a chilly afternoon.


Next to the intimate living room, we found the kitchen, which had everything you need to prepare for an evening in while watching the sun fade over the mountain range. 


Just off the kitchen, we found our luxe bathroom room. Large soak tub, walk-in shower, artisan soaps, and handcrafted candles made this the perfect place to wind down after a cold damp day. 

Next, the bedroom. We found it just down the hall from the wood stove. Dressed with moody earth tones, linens and thick blankets, it was lights out when we hit the hay at the end of our day. 

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Before we snuggled in, we had a call with our host Melissa. She had kindly given us a recipe for making mulled wined to enhance our hygge stay at Lazy Prospector. It was sooo nice to hear from her after admiring what she had created for us and others to enjoy. 

We followed her recipe and brought our warm spicy drinks to the floating couch to watch the wallabies graze next to the mountains in the distance. It was magical.


What really struck me about Melissa's cabin was the amount of details she included for her guests to explore. Zeehan has been a mining town since the 1800's. Nods to the comforts miners would have appreciated after gruelling work can be found throughout the cabin - oil lanterns, worn novels, candles, wool blankets, wicker baskets, and fire pits. She really went over and above to create a unique cabin experience. 

For a full tour of the property, check this one out. Or, if you'd prefer a sneak peak, have a gander.

The next day, we were rained in...which was definitely not a bad thing. I mean, when you're staying at Lazy Prospector, you better get lazy. We tended to the fire, watched the rain teem down, and cooked in the kitchen all day. 

Luckily, we were able to explore the area the day before. We discovered the Spray Tunnel, a miners tunnel built to cart ore through the mountains. The pitch black 100m walk through the cold damp cave gave you brief insight on what it must have been like to work in this harsh environment. The experience made the return to Lazy Prospector even more rewarding. I believe this strong contrast is the exact recipe for hygge.


On our departure, we drove through another mining town set in a valley called Queenstown. The winding roads lead us up the mountain side to the stunning Horsetail Falls - which can be seen from the road. 


We noticed a walking path for tourists to take a closer look at the falls. We opted out, since the rain was on and off - we got lucky with this photo - it just started to rain after we took it. 


Melissa, we so enjoyed our stay with you! Thank you so much for hosting us.


Samantha and Nick (my travel partner through life)

Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Melissa - no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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