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Our stay at Kerran's 

We drove into Old Hobart in the afternoon, passed the rows of heritage homes and landed in front of a historical soft powder blue house. The veranda was very well kept and quite charming...but gave you zero hints about what you were about to experience once inside. As we unlocked the front door, we were instantly transported to Lumière land.

Great songs of the 1920's were playing somewhere off in the distance. Down the corridor, I could hear the voices of old favourites, strings, clarinets, and trumpets as we crept in. The first room on our left greeted us with a very rich hello. Warm woods cocooned in deep jewelled green - we had entered the wine room; a cellar of Tasmania's finest wine accompanied with a detailed list available for purchase to enhance our stay. A welcome note, by Kerran, was written on a large dried leaf and left for us to discover. I might have had to pick my jaw up off the floor at this point - and we had only met the first room!

I let the alluring game continue. As I stepped into the next doorway, I slowly explored what the space had to share. This time, a muted hue of blue, inky oil paintings, organic textured linens, a worn leather suitcase, artifacts of a time long gone, and warm wooden plank floors. It just kept getting better.

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The happy vintage music played just a bit louder as we made our way down the hall to the earthy dark and moody parlour.

This was definitely a place for cocktails and conversations. We spotted some pre-made old-fashions waiting for us in the corner - they would just have to wait. 


Just across the hall, we found the dusty rose bathroom with the claw foot tub and stained glass window. Shades of ruby, emeralds, golden candy lights danced across the room as I admired the whimsy. 


Walking into each room was like getting to know a complex person. The combination of bold colours and soft muted hues used throughout the home, although all different and beautiful on their own, came together to form one complete delightful persona. 


I think the best example of this is Kerran's confident use of colour displayed in her English inspired kitchen. The pairing of the soft duck egg blue and vibrant olive green is exquisite and makes for the perfect foreground for the garden out the arched framed window. 

Lumière's state of the art kitchen is impressive too - ideal for chefs or novice cooks. We were surprised and delighted to find Kerran had left us everything we needed to make an artisan breakfast; homemade sour dough bread, fresh eggs, handcrafted bacon, pressed juices, and locally made some goodies for grazing.


Although situated in the same room as the kitchen, the dining area and living room seem to take a life of their own. Strong, bold, and soothing - both have you whisked away to an old world. They both beg you to stay just a little longer.

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At the end of the hall, our muted periwinkle master bedroom awaited. The king bed was dressed in soft natural linen and a leather chair sat in the corner next to a delicate pendant light.


As you turn the corner to the ensuite, again you were gobsmacked by a deep blue double sink vanity and Moroccan zellige tile shower. I love this look - natural variations of shades and perfect imperfection. 


By this point, most of the entire first floor had been admired and explored...that's right...I've left out a striking laundry room and a second floor up a tiny staircase. I'm sure by this point, you would love to know what we found. Come on, take the tour with me. 

After getting acquainted with the enchanting Lumière Lodge, we decided we'd settle in the parlour with a cocktail - hello old fashion - before getting ready to explore the culinary accomplishments of Hobart. Kerran had given us a beautiful itinerary to follow while we were visiting the city - we were eager to get started.

First on our list was Institut Polaire - the creator of our delicious cocktails at Lumière. This icy snowy wine bar celebrates Tasmania's cool oceanic climate with an award winning wine list, handmade pasta, fresh oysters, and delicacies from the local land and sea. We had a delicious six course experience. 


Next on our list was Sonny. When fellow members found out that we were headed to Hobart for the end of the tour, they highly recommended a night out here. We saved this for our final evening - I'm so glad we did. Intimate atmosphere, friendly front of house, funky tunes, incredible wine list, and outstanding limited menu - we will never forget our experience at Sonny. 

The next day, on Kerran's recommendation, we were able to venture to MONA - Museum of Old and New Art. Our experience began on the un-boring ferry over. We upgraded our tickets to the Posh-Pit, where drinks and small bites are served before arriving to the wild and obscure exhibition. Be prepared to be fully immersed in odd and mind bending show. 


Lumière Lodge is an exquisite masterpiece. Kerran and her husband Sam are design geniuses who have lovingly restored this historical home to create a fully immersive experience for their guests. Each of your five senses are held captive under Lumière's bewitching spell.


The brave palette, antique pieces, romantic vintage tunes, seductive scents, and whisky cocktails capture your heart and soul. 

Multiple times, I would take myself on a tour of the home admiring all the choices, details and beauty that were used to recreate a minimalistic Victorian home. It was just a privilege to be a guest at Lumière Lodge. Hobart is lucky to have you. 


Kerran and Sam, we so enjoyed our stay with you! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us. 



Samantha and Nick

Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Kerran - no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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