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Our stay at Angeline's

It brought me to tears. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of beauty that was shared between Angeline and her guests. Staying at Poet's Lodge leaves a mark on your soul. 

About an hour north of Melbourne, we took the journey through the winding roads of wine country to the boutique town of Daylesford. For the first time, we spotted wild kangaroos grazing in the green hills as we approached our destination. The sun had just begun to set when we stoped in front of the gate that held Poet's Lodge. The element of surprise is alive and well. 

There are three buildings on the property; The Main House, Jack's Cottage, and The Loft. We had arranged to stay at Jack's, a lovingly restored cottage. As the light began to soften, we walked past the garden shed, stacks of fire wood and watering cans towards a charcoal coloured cottage with the dim lantern. 

This is always my favourite part. Walking through the front door for the first time is such a thrill. I love discovering the visual gifts that await. 

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We stepped into a gorgeously appointed living room and kitchenette with treasured antiques, inky oil paintings, and vintage wall sconces that gave the room a warm inviting glow. In the corner, we spotted a wood stove, which was greatly welcomed on this chilly winter eve. 


We then walked up the steps to our elevated luxurious king size bedroom complete with a fresh green velour settee, cream enamel clawfoot tub, and an earthy green weighted duvet with crisp white sheets. 

The cottage was a work of art. 

Just as we were about to light the wood stove, Angeline Facetimed me. Oh my goodness, it was so nice to see her face! We have never met face to face; seeing her this way, in her beautiful creation, was so surreal. 


She gave me strict instructions. "Go to the flower pot outside, there's the key to the main house". My heart skipped a beat. You mean, I get to walk into more beauty?!? 


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On this brisk dusky evening, I walked up the wrap around porch. With a clumsy jiggle, I unlocked the large door and discovered a long hallway just waiting to be explored.  With Angeline in hand, she took me through each elegant room, one by one. Every time I turned on the light to reveal another room, I was surprised and delighted.  

The main house has four bedrooms, a reading room, and two bathrooms each crafted to remember it's hundred year old stories. When we approached the end of the hall, I could see a timber adjoining room - the tour was far from over. Here's where the water works started. 

As I turned on the light, I discovered the most exquisite masterpiece. I wish I was a wordsmith - it would be much easy to describe what it's like to experience this grand living room, dining room and kitchen. As I stepped through the doorway onto the creeky floor boards, I tried to take it all in and hold back tears. A library of century old texts filled the wall next to a grand wooden banquet table. The living room boasted a magnificent fireplace with over sized sofas perfect for snuggling in on a cold evening like this. Off to the side, another doorway revealed the kitchen. The shelves with stocked with large jars, ceramics, and everything you would need to bake cakes and pies. The stove lived in the a brick alcove next to the antique windows that revealed the green courtyard and fairy lights outside. I knew this incredible place had so many stories to tell, and yet it did not look tired. It was still very much alive well.

With Angeline still on the phone, she told me to look in the fridge. "I've left you some ingredients to make a board" she said. "Please help yourself!"

I was blown away. Angeline had kindly allowed us to use this space during our stay, as her next guests weren't checking in until after we left. 

I had seen photo's and dreamed of experiencing this pièce de résistance for myself. It was incredible. 

Check out these videos, for a full tour of Poet's Lodge or a sneak peek

The next morning, we took a stroll down the main street of Daylesford. We passed by many antique shops, boutique clothing stores, pubs, wine bars, and bistros before settling at Pancho - a breakfast kitchen and bakery. Everything was splendid (try the carrot cake!). 

To walk off our delicious breakie, we decided to take the charming path around Daylesford Lake. After reading the historical signs along the trek, I learned that Daylesford had been a popular vacation destination for hundreds of years. I could see why. 

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After a day of window shopping and tasting artisan bites, we went back to Poet's Lodge to enjoy the beautiful spread Angeline had created in the iconic kitchen. 

Since it was a Saturday night, and we hadn't made any reservations, we knew we'd be better off with take out next to our fire in Jack's Cottage. Luckily, Beppe - an authentic Italian experience - served takeout (they even have a takeout window!). Their Napoli style pizza was perfect for our last night at Poet's.

When I asked what Poet's Lodge story was, Angeline said it was always a guest house, it had been serving many for a very long time. It was and still remains to be a place where people come to marvel and awe. 

Angeline's style is sophisticated, elegant and relaxed. She has tastefully continued to tell the story of Poet's Lodge by effortlessly including artifacts from earlier days at Daylesford all the while making her guests feel comfortable to really enjoy it. 

It really was a privilege to stay with Angeline and her bespoke Poet's Lodge. Thank you so much for hosting us Angeline! We will never forget it. 


Samantha & my companion Nick

Members of The Hosting Société can swap their bespoke property with Angeline - no cash exchanged - just fellow hosts swapping places for their own enjoyment. 

Don't have a property to swap but still want to stay?

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