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Create Your Own Captivating Rental

Course Now Open

The Details

The Course Contains Four Modules

Here's What We Cover


Create From Authenticity

In our first lesson, we will explore what makes an iconic rental and how you can get started on crafting your unique space.

Design like a Designer

We will dive into the techniques home designers use to create warm and welcoming spaces.


Add The Details

In order to receive raving reviews of your place (which will increase your monthly income), we need to make sure guests are extra happy when staying at your iconic rental.

Promote Yourself

This last step is what its all about. In order to become an iconic rental, you need to share what you've created with the world...and it doesn't have to be stressful!

I'll show you the easy way.


Bonus Membership

2020-12-10 (2)_edited.png

HostGPO is a Group Purchasing Organization who have partnered with elevated brands you already know and love to negotiate HUGE savings for rental property owners. And we have partnered with them! Usually, you have to own three or more properties to get in on these amazing deals, but that qualification is not needed when you sign up for this course. This is a GAME CHANGER. You can create your rental for 50% off!

Available in Canada and USA 

I'm Sam

Operating my first Airbnb changed my life. Through the process of creating a destination - not just another place to sleep - I discovered my calling. 

As soon as we opened our doors, I was fully booked for the next six months, featured in magazines and blogs, used as a photoshoot house, and I was approached by property investors to transform their long term rentals into money making machines. 


The best part - It felt so good to finally make money doing something that I loved.

My passion has never been about creating "cookie cutter rentals" - it's about creating something memorable... and the income will follow. 

Now, with many property transformations under my belt and years of experience hosting multiple properties, I am confident I can pass my knowledge to you.

Let's create something magical and profitable!



What Our Students Say...

" What an amazing course. Samantha strikes such a spark inside of yourself, getting you so excited to actually carry out the dream of an amazing rental. The content itself was very informative, beautifully laid out and on top of that -- Samantha has teamed up with some amazing resources to help make the process of having an amazing rental. I cannot wait to use all this information to make a great rental, and to help style my future home as well, when we build."
                                                                                             - Alyssa S

" I just completed Creating a Captivating Rental with Sam, and it was AMAZING! I took this course with the hope that someday soon we can fulfill our dream of having a rental. Sam delivered the information and material with such confidence and ease, which brought out this excitement and eagerness I never realized I had been carrying. After each module I found myself wanting to just implement everything she had taught us, yet without actually having a rental property - I will store all this information for the future. Thank you Sam, I am so glad I was able to be apart of this course! "

                                                                                             - Erin W

" I just completed Creating a Captivating Rental and couldn't be happier. Honestly, I wish I had seen this years ago when I was first setting up my vacation rental property. I have learned a lot over the years through simple trial and error that if I had of taken Sam's course years ago, it would have saved me so much time, effort, and heartache. Whether you are new to hosting or a well-seasoned host, I wholeheartedly believe you will benefit from taking this course. There are so many great pearls of wisdom in here that are coming from someone who truly loves creating a memorable space for guests. If you are someone who loves hosting and wants to up-level, then this is the course for you."

                                                                                             - Brenda H



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