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the hosting société 

a private club for the established boutique rental host to connect, celebrate, and trade for their own enjoyment.

The Hosting Société is a curated collection of hosts with boutique accommodations.  Each member is carefully selected by our founder, Samantha Pike. Behind closed doors, we gather, support, and even trade with each other for our own enjoyment. 


Public viewing of the collection is available on our Instagram.


Samantha's @pykefarms

We specialize in connecting bespoke accommodation owners, in their local area and abroad, so they can extend their inner circle

and swap properties for their own enjoyment.

How do we

do this?

We have a private online area where you can connect with talented hosts of boutique accommodations - just like yours - from around the world. Everyone inside is super keen on exchanging and connecting with each other.


We also host in-person events, online gatherings, and Special Features to inspire and celebrate.

A Special Feature is...

an in-person feature of your property, by our Founder Samantha Pike. Each participant receives:

  • special recognition for high achievement in exceptional accommodation design.

  • promotion of their property inside and outside of our community

Take a look at the last tour we did with twelve of our members through Australia. We called it a Signature Tour.

What is a Special Feature?

who's inside?

Have a look at some of members' work of art 

aka vacation home properties

We accept the exceptional.

In order to maintain our integrity and likemindedness, each member is carefully selected based upon their authentic approach to their property style. We recognize those who bravely step outside the lines of conventional design in order to provide a honest and unique experience for others. 

Since we only invite and accept exceptional hosts who meet this high standard, our community numbers are rather intimate, making it a little easier to form connections within the group.

Mingling inside our community will broaden and extend your inner circle to develop meaningful relationships with the world's leaders in experiential vacation home design

The Hosting Société brings us together to enjoy more of what we LOVE. 

Consider this your PRIZE for creating something so magical and treating so many guests.

Hosts deserve breaks too.


Samantha Pike

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a bespoke vacation rental designer/expert and  property owner of Pyke Farms.

The desire for this community began after a busy summer hosting guests at my property.  Although I throughly enjoyed hosting, I was exhausted from my booked out summer - raise your hand if you can relate?  I was looking for a restful stay with a fellow host I admired. I figured "they must be tired too! I wonder if they would like to trade?" Sure enough, the first host I asked said "YES! We'd love to trade with you."

The rest is history, as they say. We are now an international community that supports, collaborates, and celebrates each other's creations. The gather, dine, and trade with each other for our own enjoyment.


It's my absolute pleasure to welcome you to The Hosting Société.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. We see the benefit in connecting to support, celebrate, and enjoy each other. 

"Meet the face behind the place" 

Gathering with members in Sydney Aus.

What you receive when you join

+ Access to our Private Members Area where you can connect and exchange with each member. 


+ Group Chat on Instagram - to keep you in the loop with our community events. 

+ Prerecorded Online Classes hosted by experts - to support the growth of your boutique accommodation business.   

+ Special Feature eligibility - promotion of your property by our founder, Samantha Pike. 

+ Invitations to world-wide events - this gives you a chance to meet our members - face to face. 

Member Entrance Fee: $150

Once inside, there are no membership fees.

How has joining improved the lives of our members? 

Untitled (600 × 1080 px) (1).png

Our exchange with Amber exceeded any expectations we had. It's such a pleasure to not only stay in a beautiful curated space but to host someone who appreciates it as well. As hosts, we too need getaways! 

Sarah Scott - Cedar Point Aframe


I’ve been a member of The Hosting Société for a few years now and I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Sam for building this beautiful community of people. I know that everyone part of THS is here for the same reason - they love their homes and equally love being a host. By being in this community, I have been able to connect with other homeowners, build friendships, learn how to be a better host, and had opportunities to exchange stays at the most incredible homes around the world. If I had to describe THS to someone new I would say, “think mastermind speakeasy for super hosts.”

Brenda Harwood - Miss B Haven

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