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Terms of Use

At The Hosting Société we pride ourselves on creating a genuine community of hosts who care about overall guest experience. Quality and consistency are essential in the hospitality industry and are the traits we look for when accepting new members. Each application is reviewed based on quality of photos in listing, amenities, interior design details, guest reviews, and added personal touches. Once accepted, each member will have full access to all hosts and listing details. 

There are many advantages to swapping with a fellow host. Since the listing is most likely a secondary residence, it is not necessary to swap at the same time. An exchange can occur at different times of the year depending on the rental’s availability.  

Coming to a fair agreement with a fellow host can be easy. For example, you can swap cost for cost, agree to pay each other’s cleaning fees, promote each other on social media, etc. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable with. We strongly encourage asking for a deposit when making an exchange to secure dates of booking and discourage damages. However, this is completely up to you. 

We are simply a platform for communication between hosts. Once you have contacted a host and agreed to make a swap, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your property. 

As a host yourself, you understand the importance of following each hosts’ rules. We are a strong supportive community with integrity. We ask that all members treat each home as if it were their own. 
We are not responsible for any damages or wrongful/illegal activities made by exchanging hosts. 
We expect all members to accept and adhere to the same terms and conditions outlined by the platform (includes but is not limited to Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) your listing is governed by.
We approve each applicant based on the information provided by the applicant.  Therefore, we are not responsible for any inaccurate listing details.
To encourage a supportive and trustworthy community, it is important that each member adheres to all requirements made in the agreement made between members. For example, if you’ve agreed to stay at a fellow host’s home, you must in fact stay there. Do not send a friend or family member to the residence, unless agreed upon prior to the stay by the fellow host. 
The beauty of The Hosting Société is that you are never obligated to accept any offer made. However, as a courtesy, we do ask that you kindly respond to any requests. 

For more important information please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.


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