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Warblers - THS Shoot - 9-12-23-58.jpg

My stay at Amanda's 
Warblers at Trinity

Lifestyle Styling by Samantha Pike 

Photography by Phil Snelgrove

After making our way across the untouched province of Newfoundland, we had arrived to the postcard town of Trinity. It was distinct among the rest. My first thought was "this would be where Amanda decided to build." It all made sense. Her dream was to share the treasure she had found with the world. And she had done it with Warblers. 

This was a bit different from the other stays I've had with our thś members. I was asked to provide lifestyle styling for Warblers at Trinity first ever photo shoot (see below). The property represents the first of three properties that will be built along the shores of Trinity in 2024 and ready for guests in 2025. This was her debut moment and I was lucky enough witness it.  This also meant that I was going to spend a lot of time with her creators - Amanda and Bill. With the hosts close by, I was able to "do as the locals do".  I met Newfoundland's own award winning builder, Glen Vokey of Sweet Lumber, who built Warblers based on the award winning architect, Frank LaPointe's design, took a private ocean cruise along the rugged coastline, and dined on pan seared cod cheek over flame on their secluded private beach - it was perfect - and only made possible by the connections I have formed within The Hosting Société. 

Here, I will share my experience at Warblers at Trinity with the intention of inspiring you to one day take the journey yourself. 

We'll start with her name. Why Warblers? The warbler bird makes its migration from Ontario to Newfoundland each spring. Since Amanda began her accommodation journey in Ontario with her custom built log cabin in Haliburton - called Wentrats (which is also named after wildlife) - it only seemed fitting to have her next property reflect a similar story as she frequently travels back and forth. Nods to the navy yellow feathered bird can be found through out the home, which also compliments the Newfoundland tone and palette. 

Now for her design. Specializing in heritage restoration, Sweet Lumber seamlessly blended a contemporary aesthetic with the traditional charm that Trinity is known for. Clad in local pines, and boasting exposed Fraser fir beams, the north east coast cabin exudes warmth and character. 

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Warblers - THS Shoot - 9-12-23-79.jpg
Warblers - THS Shoot - 9-12-23-159.jpg

a glimpse of the grand two story slate fireplace

The layout

As soon as you step inside the open concept living room and kitchen, your eyes scan up to the large dark timbers and pitched dormers on the second floor. The open concept layout has you feeling invited to step in and settle in. 


Warblers at Trinity is for gathering and quietude. Whether it's around kitchen island, in the living room around the fire, or over the breakfast banquet table, there are plenty of spaces to celebrate being together. 


Drenched in natural light, the spacious interior allows for breathtaking views of the charming heritage village of Trinity from almost every corner of the house. Upon closer look, you just might find the lighthouse that still shines her light today and the Skerwink trail cliffs. 

At the heart of the home stands a two story slate fireplace that serves as a centerpiece and source of warmth and comfort on cool Newfoundland evenings. 

The spacious kitchen is fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances - gas oven/stove, fridge, toaster, kettle, wine fridge, it's all top tier.  The ample counter space and plenty of storage makes it so easy to prepare for guests. If you are the chef in your family, this is your domaine. 

After listening in on Newfoundland stories, dining on locally caught cod and chips, sipping on warm smoky spiced drinks by the fire, and soaking in the large tub, it is time to settle in and get some sleep. King size beds dressed with traditional Newfoundland quilts - designed by Amanda and handmade by a local quilter - If Only Home linens, and mattress toppers will do the trick. You'll find two guests bedrooms on the main floor and the primary suite on the second. 

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Warblers - THS Shoot - 9-12-23-159.jpg
Warblers - THS Shoot - 9-12-23-135.jpg
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The next morning, the fog rolled in over the bay of Trinity just as the low horn of the lighthouse sounded.  Sitting in the alcove with a warm mug in hand, I spotted fishing boats coming in, likely with their fresh catches from the early morning.  The fire is crackling, the blankets and pillows are beckoning.  It's time to settle in

Warblers at Trinity.

Let's take a tour

On this tour with me, you'll discover all that Warblers has to offer, including: the surprising brunch area, the master loft, the "man cave" complete with pool table, the covered fire lounge, and the private beach. 

When you come and stay, you will discover surprises around every corner. Amanda has included art from several local artists, including her fathers work as a sculptor, and let's not forget a magical stage inspired hangout area that sits on their private wharf. 


 Okay, time for a tour with me

After getting acquainted with Warblers, it was time to explore the other surprises the area had to offer. Amanda suggested hiking the Skerwink Trail which began in the neighbouring town of Port Rexton - only 10 minutes away. It was such a beautiful hike.  When you weren't surrounded by pines you were catching glimpses of the sea crashing into the cliffs below.  Well worth the two hour trek! To satisfy your appetite after a good sweat, head to Port Rexton Brewery for some poutine, grilled cheese and beer!


Hiking the Skerwink Trail


The next day, we explored the charming village of Trinity, ate flame pan seared cod cheek on their beach, and took a private cruise on Bill and Amanda's boat ...with their beautiful pups in tow of course.

Dating back to the 1500s, Trinity is considered one of the most notable heritage communities in Newfoundland.  It is protected and preserved by the Town of Trinity Heritage Plan, the Trinity Historic Society and Heritage Newfoundland.  With only one hundred or so villagers year round, it easily maintains it's Newfoundland charm.  It's like something you would find in a storybook.


When you do come for a visit, go to Aunt Sarah's Chocolate shop for some home made ice cream and of course chocolates, then take a stroll through the quiet village. You can also make a stop and book a whale watching cruise. If the season's right, you may spot some icebergs floating by. 

One of the highlights of the trip was the freshly caught cod fry on the beach. The sun was just going down, it was grey and sprinkling rain and we had the fire keeping us toasty warm and fed. The plan was to cook and bring the seared fillets back up to the house to enjoy. But of course, we couldn't wait that long. With dogs playing on the beach and music keeping us in the mood, we had the best most delicious time. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 2.13.47 PM.png

Historic Town of Trinity

As a final treat to end our stay, Amanda and Bill took us to Fishers Loft for a unique dining experience with epic views of Trinity Bay. We spent the evening chatting about travel, dining, and the magic of Warblers. It was the perfect way to end the week at Warblers Trinity. 

Amanda and Bill have done what so many of us would like to do, but don't.  They found a treasure, fell in love, sold their home, moved across the country, without any connections, ...and built a place for themselves and others enjoy.  Having them as my guide to explore all that Warblers had to offer surpassed anything I could create myself. With their dedication to ensuring memorable guest experiences, they will establish Warblers Trinity as a prime destination for future visitors. 


I'm so excited to see the Warblers collection unfold.  Thank you so much for having me! It was an absolute pleasure. 

With love, 


Samantha Pike 

Founder of The Hosting Société

For your chance to experience Warblers Trinity, members of The Hosting Société can reach Amanda inside our private members only lounge.

Not a member yet?

Warblers at Trinity will be available for rent for a select few weeks in 2024 by invitation only and to THS members. Their next two accommodations are expected to be available May - October 2025. 

Click here to follow their journey including the curation of private, locally inspired experiences via Warblers at Trinity. 

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Photos by Phil Snelgrove

For more video highlights of my experience at Warblers and beyond, visit

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